Why use Aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be used to produce outdoor fumiture,which requires resistance to natural elements,such as: sun light,rain and air-borne contaminants.


Structural Material

Only the finest commercial grade of extruded aluminum tubes and strips are used to construct our frames.The minimum gauge of our strucural tubes is .oo63. On some items with longer spans or destined for commercial use,such as contract chaises etc.,double or even triple gauge tubes are used to reinforce the structure.


Inspection Process

All of our products are copiously inspected at each stage of production.As an OEM manufacturer for several top brands in the industry,we pride ourselves in our work and are happy to provide one of the lowest defect rates in the industry,despite keeping ourprices extremely competitive.


The Patio Renaissance Team

We employ more than 20 engineers and drafismen is our research and development department. Innovation is stressed at Patio Renaissance and so new prototypes and jigs are constantly being produced so we can provide the very best product in the shortest amount of time with careful attention to cost effectiveness.


The Cost of Production

At Patio Renaissance we recognize the need to ensure a certain quality to our product. Because of this we never sacrifice quality for cost .We source the finest quality metals, fibers,fabric and powder coating chemicals and almost the entire production process from shaping aluminum tubes to powder coating and inspection are contained within our own facilities.


Weather Wicker

Our wicker is made of the finest quality virgin polyethylene pellets supplied by Exxon Mobil,BP and Formosa Plastics. Polyethylene is mixed with UV stabilizers and anti-aging compound for added protection against the elements.


Why use Artifical Weave?

Using an artificial weave grants us an increased lifespan for our products and gives us greater flexibility in color and textures.All of our weaves are made in a high heat extrusion process which allows us to pick and choose our of a large selection of different color dyes and texture finishes leading to the innovative and beautiful products available for purchase today.


Aluminum Frames

The production process of our aluminum frames is done in house.We have a dedicated team of workers that do everything from bending and stamping the raw aluminum tubes to carefully welding the frames together and applying a finish .We also contract another factory in close proximity for our aluminum casting process .The close proximity of this factory gives us a level of oversight in its production ensuring a quality product.



All of our weaving is done in house by hand .The materials need to be applied by hand which requires. great skill and is extremely time-consuming. At the end of each step our products are inspected for uniformity and defects to provide the end user with the highest quality product possible.

  • Premium Alumnium Frames
  • Experienced Craftsmen
  • Finest Quality Resin Weave
  • Handcrafted Perfection